Incyte GVHDspeaks Opt-in_July2022

I understand that the personal information I provide on this website may be used by Incyte Corporation, or other companies acting on its behalf, to contact me via mail, via telephone, in electronic format, via Internet-based delivery or otherwise in the future. I authorize Incyte Corporation and its agents to contact me via mail, telephone (including leaving a voicemail that mentions GVHDspeaks or the GVHDspeaks Mentor Program), Internet-based or electronically (eg, Internet) or otherwise in the future and use and release information about me only for the purposes of (i) providing education and ongoing support services to me related to treatment, disease, and other areas of interest; and (ii) gathering feedback on my therapy treatment and/or disease state. I understand that some of my information may be provided anonymously and used in an individual or aggregated form for other legitimate purposes by Incyte. Neither Incyte Corporation nor anyone working on behalf of Incyte will sell or rent personal information collected on this site. I understand that reasonable efforts will be made to keep my information private even though my information disclosed under this authorization may not be protected under federal and state privacy laws. My personal information may also be used for the purposes described in the Privacy Policy. I understand that from time to time, Incyte Corporation’s Privacy Policy may change and that I should check the website for the most recent version. I understand that I should check the website for the most recent version of Incyte Corporation’s Legal Notices.