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By clicking Sign Up below, I certify that I am 18 years of age or older and authorize Incyte Corporation (“Incyte”) and its agents to use my registration information provided above (my “information”) to contact me via mail, telephone (including leaving a voicemail that mentions the Ambassadors for Jakafi Program), Internet-based or electronically (eg, Internet) or otherwise in order to provide education and ongoing support services related to product, disease and other areas of interest. I understand that I may at any time revoke my consent to be contacted for any of these purposes by opting out from future communications from Incyte by calling the Ambassadors for Jakafi Program at 1-877-647-9205 or emailing I also understand that the information I provide may be combined with that of other registrants to create aggregated, anonymized data and to use and share only the anonymized data for any legitimate business purpose. Learn more about how Incyte processes your personal information at Privacy Policy.